Searching for truth in Venezuela

Searching for truth in Venezuela
But also you can find people who misinform for their own ends," said Carlos Acosta, a journalist for a Florida-based news startup that was created specifically to fill the gaps in coverage in Venezuela. CNN iReport, the … In an interview with CNN en …
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WA1A morning show welcomes new co-host
Meet WA1A's new co-host Cheree Carter: Cheree Carter is the new co-host for WA1A's morning show with Timmy Vee. They're on the air weekday mornings on 107.1 A1A. Video posted Feb. 20, 2014, by Jennifer Sangalang, FLORIDA TODAY …
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Piers Morgan's Ratings Are Terrible
And this month, the start of the Michael Dunn loud-music murder trial in Florida has put the issue of gun control back in the forefront. February has also produced six of the show's smallest 10 audiences since it … blogger and opinionator since …
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